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Why Choose VideoSense Ads?

AdMedia’s VideoSense ads incorporate our incomparable scale, data, and tech. By contextually crawling the web, AdMedia delivers relevant contextual-based video ads.

Unique Positioning 

AdMedia helps advertisers effectively position themselves in front of potential buyers using audience targeting and first-party data using AI and contextual machine learning.

Access & Scalability

Reach your audience with access to leading publishers and gain unparalleled scalability with VideoSense advertising.

Customer Journey Strategy

Track your video ad ROI from the initial view to the final point-of-sale.

Relevant Ad Formats

Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) offer a variety of ad formats to fit the needs of advertisers.

How VideoSense Advertising Works

With AdMedia’s VideoSense advertising, advertisers can target their audiences, plus manage and measure campaigns with ease.

Discover & Target In-Market Consumers

AdMedia helps advertisers uncover unique shopping behavior insights with commerce data and first-party data. Discover new and existing potential customers via customer data.

Conveniently Reach Customers

AdMedia’s video partnerships and publisher relationships help provide advertisers with quality ad placements. These placements help advertisers reach consumers across the open web in a variety of channels and across devices.

Adding Measurable Value

Advertisers can evaluate their total ROI across the customer journey by tracking consumers from view to conversion. VideoSense’s unique ability to combine data-driven creativity with creative intelligence and AI allows brands to create, automate, distribute and optimize their best performing creative every time.

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